• The Color of Garnet / Interior, 2017

    Armenia, deep and bright colors, an abundance of architectural details and accents. Wood, stone, brass are the main materials on which the project was based. Colors - red, green, dark blue. Texture - rough stone surface, cold metal, the warmth of natural wood and the softness of Alcantara.

    Getting inside the apartment, immediately the dark green color of the walls envelops immediately, creating a calm meditative mood. Further, a big suspended relief panel, emphasizing the transit space, dynamically leads to a large common area, consisting of a soft sofa area, dining room and kitchen. The kitchen is located separately, which is emphasized by the dark blue color of the walls. Its axis is centered with a dining table, not allowing it to fall out of the ensemble.

    The living room is very bright due to the large quantity of windows. Each window of the apartment is framed by wooden panels decorated with metal. The contrast of the bright window with white translucent curtains fabrics is emphasized and adds the splendor to the rooms. The accent of the living room is a burgundy sofa.